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IG is the largest online trading broker. IG Group Holding PLC is an international company that provides brokerage services for individuals and legal entities in several countries around the world. The company was founded in 1974. Currently, he offers a large number of assets for investment.

The staff employs over 1,500 people. The broker’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange. The headquarters is located in London. Working capital in 2020 exceeded $ 600,000. Improving products and services is one of the main directions of the development strategy.

The company provides business services for organizing the issue and placement of securities. The registered and paid-in authorized capital of the company is $ 4.51 billion, the amount of equity capital is $ 1.97 billion (as of December 31, 2020). Revenue in 2020 amounted to $ 1.734 billion, net profit – $ 1.055 billion. The company’s net assets as of December 31, 2020 reached $ 7.7 billion.

In 2020, trade and investment income amounted to $ 2.28 billion, including: income less expenses from operations with financial instruments, in dollars – 1.301 billion, interest income – 799 million, income less expenses from operations with foreign currency – 167.720 million As of the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2021, the company has equity capital of $ 226.6 million, the group’s assets are $ 1.5 billion.

The company is regulated in a number of countries (United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, South Africa, UK, USA, EU countries). Customer funds are secured by the FSCS compensation system up to € 85,000. For European traders, there is a deposit guarantee of up to € 100,000. The broker does not use client funds for investments or hedging.

Trading conditions

As an international broker, IG offers a wide range of assets and markets to its clients. But keep in mind that the financial products available depend on your country of residence and regulation by supervisors.

IG offers over 16,000 financial products to trade. Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies are available with competitive spreads. There are no fixed spreads.

Markets to trade with IG:

  • Forex (currencies);
  • Indices;
  • Promotions;
  • Raw materials;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Interest rates, bonds, sectors (ETFs) and more.

A wide range of financial products are offered. Traders can choose between contract for difference (CFD) trading or conventional investment. CFDs are one of the ways to trade over the counter. Leverage always depends on the asset. Maximum size: up to 1: 200. For EU traders: 1:30).

You can trade real stocks and ETFs on IG. You can build a portfolio and receive dividends. For short-term and long-term traders, Spread Betting and digital options are of great interest, as they allow you to invest with limited risk in order to get high returns.

IG is one of the largest brokers with the largest offerings for traders. You will always find the assets you need. You can start with a free demo account or a minimum deposit of $ 250.

IG offers several trading platforms, which we will look at in the next section. MetaTrader 4, software for the desktop version, the ProRealTime platform and a mobile application are available to clients. Professionally trained staff can help set up the trading platform. Webinars and daily analyzes are held regularly.

Trading platforms

IG Web Trader — the trading platform is the leader among the terminals used for medium and long-term investment, as well as swing trading. Allows you to trade stocks, futures, options, bonds using a single account.

The advantages of this platform:

  • direct access to the exchange;
  • multifunctionality and flexible settings;
  • the ability to create orders with one click on the bid / ask prices;
  • access to news services flyonthewall, Dow Jones, Reuters;
  • market data for individual exchanges of the world;
  • built-in calendar of events.

Metatrader 4 — сombines full functionality for stock selection and chart analysis. In addition to the basic settings, this platform has additional features (built-in company news feed, a calendar of news and events with convenient filters, as well as a stock scanner).

The advantages of this trading terminal:

  • real-time quotes and charts for a low price (including premarket);
  • clear drawing of charts, richness of settings;
  • the ability to save your graphical analysis;
  • sorting of the selected shares, including by the formulas created by yourself;
  • import of a list of stocks from different sources.

ProRealTime. The platform has a simple and intuitive interface, and is not inferior to others in the speed of order execution and data transfer. The terminal is equipped with the ability to fully integrate with MS Excel. Has a flexible system of settings, as well as a desktop version, which is designed for novice traders. Has ample opportunities for customization, more than 60 graphical indicators and a flexible system of scanners.

For long-term investment, a desktop version of the terminal has been developed, which is equipped with all the necessary functionality. Convenient form for entering orders. The order book is broadcast in one window. The trader does not need to be distracted by a separate picture with quotes in order to find out the actual values of supply and demand with volumes.

L2 Dealer is IG professional software. A recognized benchmark in the online currency trading market. The platform is a fully functional product and allows you to trade not only in the Forex market, but also in stocks, forwards, futures and options. The platform is in service with hundreds of brokerage companies around the world and provides a set of market analytics, trading modeling and other tools for “manual” and automatic Forex trading, as well as building trading strategies

Key features:

  • Advanced risk management tools.
  • Real-time price and market alerts.
  • Cryptocurrency CFDs (Adjustable Availability) – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum.
  • Free demo account without restrictions Economic calendar with up-to-date events in real time.
  • Risk management settings – for example, limits on closing at a certain profit / loss, trailing stop.
  • 24/7 online support.

The widest analytical capabilities, high performance and reliability, simplicity and flexibility in use are probably the main, but not the only, advantages of the trading platform.

IG Markets mobile platform. A trade-off between a web platform and a desktop version for PC. The application inherited almost all the functions of its older brothers and acquired some unique solutions. All types of operating systems are supported. This option is optimal for experienced traders who already have proven strategies and trading rules. They don’t need to use too many tools, and accessibility comes first. Better than a mobile app, nothing solves it. You can trade from anywhere in the world, even if the quality of the Internet connection is at the EDGE level.

The advantages and features of the IG mobile app:

  • Simplified process of buying currencies, stocks and bonds.
  • Transparent commissions and the ability to choose the most suitable tariff plan.
  • Possibility of opening an individual investment account.
  • Market prices for securities.
  • Fast withdrawal of funds at any convenient time.
  • Lack of overnight loans (can be attributed to the pluses, since it ensures the safety of funds).
  • Availability of a tool to help you make the right choice of stocks.
  • A lot of useful information on the use of the platform and investments in general is publicly available.

IG’s app is the leader in terms of the number of active users. It can be called universal. For novice investors, the service is good for its accessibility and simplicity, for experienced investors – a large number of opportunities. The platform offers a large number of financial instruments. Here you can read analytics, expert opinions, investment ideas. The application is quite convenient and modern, the support service is always ready to help.

This app is the best choice for anyone looking to start reaping the benefits of their investment. It is enough to decide on the type of account and fill out an application, and after 5 minutes you can start trading. The user can open both a brokerage and an individual investment account, which makes it possible to receive a tax deduction.

Additional services

IG offers a huge range of analysis methods to its clients. IG as a broker is an indispensable intermediary between the trader (investor) and the exchange. Its main function is to conclude transactions for the purchase and sale of currency, securities or assets on behalf of the client for a commission. In addition, the broker provides additional services:

  • provides the client with a loan for the implementation of the transaction;
  • makes analytical reviews of the market;
  • gives trading recommendations;
  • carries out trust management;
  • conducts customer training (seminars, webinars).

Demo access for 30 days is available to new users in the application. Also, beginners will benefit from an information portal with a large number of training materials and a disassembly of practical cases. You can use for transactions securities, options, futures, currency at exchange prices. Using it, you can invest in shares of Russian companies or global corporations.

There are many tools in the application that make it possible to implement both short-term transactions and a long-term strategy. There is a trading robot that allows you to calculate the best moment for a trade.

You can choose a ready-made offer or customize the assistant yourself. These tools are useful for those who already have some investment experience. But the application is also suitable for novice investors – they receive free training in trading from scratch. The application is convenient to use and saves time, since all the necessary tools and analytics are located in one place.

Do not worry about the safety of funds, since the company has the highest reliability indicators. Analysts offer ready-made investment ideas, case studies with examples. It is possible to connect a service that makes it possible to trade on the advice of professionals. The efficiency of financial transactions and the absence of hidden fees are noted.

Final words

IG is the most popular company in terms of the number of active clients. Provides all services demanded in the brokerage market. Competent and prompt customer support 24/7. Simple and at the same time technological applications and services for trading. Various trading platforms are provided: desktop versions, web platforms, mobile applications. IG guarantees world-class security with the highest rating, provides clients with a wide range of trading tools and the best service.